Transcending Impact


As kids, we all had great imaginations and dreams of what the future would look like.  Now however, as life happens, we often lose our vision for the future and the impact our legacy may have on others.  It takes a balanced life and financial planning, to build a life of impact.

First, we must balance the various areas of our life, where we often get out of balance with our work life as we strive to produce wealth.

Second, we use financial planning to access our situation to see the steps we need to achieve our goals.

Finally, we then are able to use the financial capital we have built to further impact the next generation via the social and spiritual capital we deploy.

A Balanced Life + Financial Planning = Life Impact

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“Decisions I make today, determine stories I will tell tomorrow”  - Craig Groeschel

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

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Maintain Balance

Maintain Balance

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