How We Work

We interact with our clients via an online remote approach to wealth management or a more traditional in-person one on one approach.

Whether you are unsure how or starting to build your wealth, consolidating old investment accounts or 401k plans, or getting ready for retirement; everyone deserves a detailed plan, no matter your investing background or sophistication. 

At Freedom Stewardship & Wealth Management, we work to build long-lasting relationships, while developing an individualized detailed process that strives to help bring clients towards the Financial Freedom they desire.

We work with individuals, businesses, churches & non-profits to help navigate an ever-changing financial climate, to help steward resources now and for the next generation by:

  • Creating a values-based investment strategy to help manage your wealth in conjunction with your goals
  • Helping to build cash flow for your current lifestyle and retirement income in the future
  • Creating a wealth management plan that is in harmony with your passions, values and God-given purposes.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our firm and if we may be able to help service your needs.


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